Cyprus is a European Country and we offer a great opportunity for the better future of the students.

Admission Requirements:
  • Passport
  • Qualification certificates
  • PCC that should be six months valid
  • Medical that also should be valid for 3 months
  • Bank Statement with 5 0r 6 lacs balance and certificate that should be six month older.
    Bank letter confirming that the student or sponsor (mother or father) has sufficient funds to finance the student fees and living expenses (validity six months)(must be attested by notary public and then apostle)

Deadline for the file submission: 1st April, 2010

University European University
Course Diploma in Hospitality
Course Duration Two years
Latest Intake May 2010
Tuition Fee One Year 3288-4000 Euros
Embassy Fee Rs.1000/
Translation Required if Certificate are other than English
Air Tickets (One Way) Rs.20000/-
Medical Insurance Rs.1500/-(HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B&C,
Tuberculosis, Syphilis)
PCC Valid for Six Months(Apostle)
Apostle Rs.10000/-Certificate
Processing Time Two Months
Interview No
Show Money 6-7 Lacs
Tuition Fee Before Visa