• We offer a wide choice of courses across Australia. We are official representatives and Sub-representatives of many highly reputed Colleges, TAFE and Universities located in the country.
  • We provide most comprehensive advisory services to students for handpicking the right course, the right institution, & the right destination for study.
  • Unfailing advice from our vast repository of expertise on matters pertaining to the entry requirements for various levels of courses as diploma, bachelors & masters in Australia.

We provide:
  • Free education counseling
  • English language preparation
  • Lodging Applications (colleges, TAFE and Universities)
  • Arranging visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Home stay / accommodation service
  • On-shore support service

Applicants must demonstrate that they have:

  • Acceptance from a recognized school, university or college in Australia.
  • Sufficient funds for both tuition fees and to support themselves while in Australia.
  • No medical, criminal or security issues.