Immigration serves as the foundation for continued economic growth and it brings people, customs and traditions, rituals and culture to the forefront of current Government policy. Embrace your future and bring the heritage of your past to a place where you and your family will be proud to refer to as home.
LSoL offers permanent immigration option under point based system for Canada, United Kingdom & New Zealand.

CANADA Immigration:

Canada is a land of opportunities and permanent immigration to Canada is really exciting opportunity. However, there are several things you should consider before you apply to be a permanent resident.

If you want to immigrate to Canada, there are a few different ways to apply. You will need to decide which immigration program will work best for you and your family. The categories to apply for Canada immigration are as follows:

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The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has introduced a number of new UK immigration categories in the past few years. The points based skilled immigration category Tier 1 (General), part of the UK's new five-tier points based system.

Tier-1General Visa (Formerly HSMP-Highly Skilled Migration Permits) If you are highly qualified and skilled you can apply under this category. The chances of success are very bright. This is a points based immigration scheme. You must score 95 points to be eligible and points are awarded according to the following categories:
  • 10 points for English language and;
  • 10 points for available maintenance (funds). You will be required to have available funds of at least 800.00 and to have had 2,800 during the first 3 months preceding your application and a further 1,600 for every dependant accompanying you and:
  • 75 points for your attributes i.e. age, qualifications, UK experience, previous earnings. See clarification below.

Age - younger applicants are awarded more points.

Qualifications - A Bachelors degree or higher is required and all qualifications are based on equivalency to UK qualifications. Since 1 April 2009 a Masters degree qualification is now required. All qualifications are based on equivalency to UK qualifications.

UK Experience - Additional points are awarded if you studied and graduated at a Bachelor's degree or higher in full time education in the UK or at a UK based educational institution for at least 1 academic year and if you have work experience in the UK.

Previous earnings - Earning power is linked to your country of residence and points increase depending on your level of income. Additional points are awarded if past earnings were in the United Kingdom. Since 1 April 2009 a Masters degree qualification is now required.

If you are approved under this category you are able to stay in the United Kingdom for up to 24 months to seek work or self employment opportunities. Following this, you can then apply to have your stay be extended for up to a further three years.

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